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You Need To

Stand OUT from the crowd

And I am here to help with that. 

You deserve to feel present in your life and get your time back. You deserve to enjoy your career and time at work. That might mean making a BIG switch into remote nursing. 

If that’s you, I have something that will seriously help.

You Can

Break Free From Bedside

and I've built a resume template to help make this happen.

It's your tool to get noticed by remote nurse employers and finally find some balance in your life.

Introducing The

Resume Template

Designed by a remote nurse and professional resume writer for nurses ready to land remote roles.
Crafting a targeted resume is the first step to breaking free from the bedside. Competition is fierce; a resume that sets you apart is vital.

Why You Can

Trust Me

I'm not only a nurse, but I am also a professional resume writer, certified online profile expert (NCOPE), and a member of the National Resume Writers’ Association. I have worked as a freelance writer, copywriter, and editor since 2018.

I combined my nursing experience, knowledge of the remote nursing world, and my professional writing skills to build this resume template for YOU.

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