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Can I work from home with kids?

The short answer is no. Work from home or remote positions are as demanding as in-person healthcare roles, only the location is different. 

Many companies will require you have alternate childcare during working hours, whether in or outside of the home. The reason is simple, your employer doesn’t want to be competing for your attention during the workday. 

I know this is all dependent upon the age of children, their independence level, and the type of remote position you hold. Some nurses find they are able to navigate children in the home but I wouldn’t count on this in the beginning.

Where do I look for remote nursing jobs?

Remote nursing roles are posted all over the internet which can make the search and application process confusing. 

There is no standard way to post or describe a remote position. I suggest using these keywords to get started:

  • Telecommute
  • W@H
  • WFH
  • Work From Home
  • Remote
  • Telephonic

Sites to utilize

  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • FlexJobs
  • Google
  • Indeed 
  • Glassdoor
  • Company career sites (if able, it’s best to apply directly through a company career site)

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Do I need a compact license?

No, you do not need a compact nursing license to find a remote role. Depending upon the requirements listed in a job post you may see a request for compact, single state, or multiple state licenses. 

If you do live in a compact state it is wise to upgrade if you are eligible. Since you have the option, many companies will want you to take advantage. 

You can find more information on whether your state is compact here.

I’m an LVN/LPN can I WFH?

Yes, there are remote roles available for LVNs and LPNs. You may see a position that is specifically looking for an LVN/LPN or the option of being an LVN/LPN/RN. 

Can you work from home in X specialty?

I’m often asked if there are remote roles available for nurses who work in (insert specialty here: OR, pediatrics, maternal health, behavioral health, oncology, etc…) and the answer is usually yes. 

Some specialties lend themselves to particular remote roles.

  • Oncology — data abstraction
  • ER — telephone triage
  • OR — prior auth/coding/clinical documentation improvement
  • Maternal health — maternal health case management
  • Behavioral health —  behavioral health case management
  • Critical care —  clinical documentation improvement (often need to gain experience on-site at a facility prior to finding remote roles.) Critical care experience is highly prized for many remote positions.

Who hires remote nurses?

Many companies hire remote nurses. There are probably nurses who work remotely for your own facility and you just didn’t know, because you never see them obviously. 

Companies that hire remote nurses:

  • Insurance companies
  • Staffing agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Major corporations
  • Triage contractors
  • Researchers
  • Public health departments
  • Consulting firms

Can I travel while working remotely?

Your ability to travel while working completely depends upon your employer’s policies. For most, you’ll have to wait before jumping into RV travel life. 

Many companies require that you have a separate and secure office with a locking door and your computer hardwired to the internet. 

Other companies are okay with using wifi. It simply depends. 

Hint — at the bottom of many job posts you may find the internet and home office requirements for the role.

Does it pay well?

This question can be hard to answer. My idea of paying well living on the West coast is likely different from what you consider paying well in the midwest. 

My suggestion — decide how much you need and want to get paid (making multiple budget scenarios helps — I save almost $8,000 a year in car/commuting costs by being remote.) 

Enter each job application knowing that some may offer more and some may offer less. You have my permission to “bless and release” the insulting offers while accepting and celebrating the good. 

And remember, negotiation is a powerful tool! 

Are there PT/Per diem remote nursing roles?

Yes! The vast majority of remote roles are full time, but there are part-time and per diem options. 

Jobs are rarely listed as per diem even though some function this way.  Read the job posts.  Many data abstraction roles, for example, will be listed as part-time but only require 10 hours a week and you make your own schedule.

Can I work remotely as a new grad?

You can, but you may find it is very hard to find a position without clinical experience. There are definitely success stories out there and I understand not all nurses have a desire to work at the bedside after school.  

This year I saw opportunities for new grads at both Anthem and Humana.

Do I need specialty certifications?

No! Certifications are great if you have them, but you don’t need them to find a remote role. 

Please do not take an internet certification course/class that is not recognized nationally or provides CEUs. 

Common certifications that are awesome if you have them, but don’t panic if you don’t!

  • CCM Certified Case Manager
  • CCDS Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist
  • CTR Certified Tumor Register
  • CRN Clinical Research Nurse
  • CPC Certified Professional Coder
  • CCS Certified Coding Specialist

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