Break free from bedside and redefine nursing

For nurses who want to ditch the high pressure, high stress patient care environment and step into the freedom of remote nursing.

Your skills. Your way.

I know what it's like to

Be miserable at your job…

  • Grabbing a piping hot coffee at the start of your shift only to leave it in the breakroom never to see it again.
  • Being underpaid and overworked.
  • Missing lunch breaks because you have too many patients to care for and no staff to cover you.
  • Constantly fearing physical injury due to the lack of resources.
  • Finally relaxing and getting constant texts asking you to pick up extra shifts and missing holidays, birthdays, and family moments.
  • Having caregiver guilt weaponized at work.
  • Feeling stressed because you’re caring for too many patients and don’t have enough resources to support you.

You’ve tried taking time off, talking to your supervisor, and even different nursing environments…but you’re still stuck in the cycle. 

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Did you know remote nursing jobs have increased 392% since 2021?

…that means no more sitting in your car, disassociating, and dreading going into work. There’s room for you here. 

And I’m going to show you how.

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional nursing roles & put an end to stress, guilt, and anxiety. It's time to...

Have the job of your dreams
Find balance and enjoyment in life
Thrive in a remote nurse position caring for people in new ways
Have control of your time
Feel human again
Work from home at your leisure
Serve patients in a way that sparks joy not burnout

And obviously, the most exciting…you’re ready to drink your coffee hot.


LinkedIn light-up

Get noticed as a nurse and land your dream job

An online course to optimize your LinkedIn profile so ideal jobs find you.

Your dreams are no longer dreams. 

They are just one profile away…

What if you had dream jobs reaching out to you?

For just $197, this course will give you:


12 quick video tutorials showing you exactly what profile sections need to be updated and how to update them.

Proper Backend

Videos that cover backend LinkedIn settings that need to be turned on for recruiter visibility and communication ease.

Automated Job

Steps you need to take that allow company recruiters to get notified when you match a job they posted - so you’re doing less work and they’re finding you.

Tools to Find Searchable Keywords

Info on the importance of using keywords and what areas are searchable in LinkedIn profinder by recruiters.

From demographics to URL and backend settings plus job alerts, LinkedIn Light Up covers it all.

You are a nurse who

wants to break the mold.

  • give you the confidence to have a professional social media page you are proud to share and professionally network with. 

  • put you in front of jobs you WANT

  • open professional nursing doors you didn’t know existed

  • allow you to find a job that fits the lifestyle you want.

Success Stories

“It’s been a minute but I wanted to thank you soooo much for all of your help. I have accepted a remote position through a contract agency(for now). I hope to get hired directly after I work my butt off for them for a little bit! I couldn’t have done it without your awesome resume and linked in updating as I was contacted by the recruiter through linked in” - Anonymous

“A recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn after seeing my "excellent profile." During the interview process, I was told that my resume and experience were "exceptional." I never thought I would find something so fast but I am excited for this new chapter and first step in my career away from the bedside. Thank you for everything! I LITERALLY could not have done it without you! -Sheena L.

Are you ready for this to be you?

Meet Your Instructor


There is a moment I vividly remember while working in the ER. I was standing at an ice machine and looked to my left knowing the ambulance bay doors were in that direction. There was a brief moment where I wondered if anyone would miss me if I simply walked out and didn’t come back.

I thought I was the only one who had those thoughts, but I know better now.

Brands & Press

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Simple, I’m a remote nurse, professional resume writer, and certified in LinkedIn profile optimization (NCOPE). I went through this same process for my own profile and get legitimate recruiter messages in my inbox several times a month and so have my clients.

You are busy and we get that. Each video is 2-8 minutes in length and immediately actionable. You can sit down and update your profile in a night or break it up over a few days.

Technically yes, this is an option for my custom clients, but by updating your linkedin profile yourself you’ll have learned how to navigate the platform and will have a leg up as you continue to interact and find connections. You’ll also understand how and why it works the way it does which makes it easy to make adjustments to your profile. 

Most nurses either aren’t on the platform or have such a sparse profile it’s impossible to know what their specialty is. But you know who is on LinkedIn? The recruiters looking for nurses.


Make it easy for them to see you as the solution to their problem. LinkedIn is one more piece in the overall strategy of landing a remote nursing position. The competition is tough, don’t you want to do everything possible to make yourself stand out?

You’re going to love the ease of updating your profile with this course, but just in case we aren’t the right fit Nurse Fern offers a 14 day money back guarantee.

Nope! While there can be value in messaging recruiters directly on LinkedIn, that can take a lot of time and effort, and you may never get a response. This course helps you get all the right information in your profile so recruiters will reach out to you! 

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