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because you deserve to find balance in your life and sometimes work in your pajamas.

Real Nurses

Work From Home

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to no longer risk being assaulted by patients? Deal with lateral violence? Or worry about getting a break?

I’ve been there. I know what it is like to sit in my car not wanting to go to work. I know how caregiver guilt can be weaponized at work. That’s why Nurse Fern got started. I wanted to help nurses find remote work. Yes, REAL nurses can work from home. You can continue to help patients and make a difference while escaping the overwhelm, the guilt, and the exhaustion. 

Let Me Help You

Drink your coffee HOT

If you dream of waking up five minutes before your shift and starting your day
in pajamas with a hot cup of coffee, then you've come to the right place. 

Job Board

The remote nusing job board is updated DAILY with new postings so you can find your way out of overwhelm and into those PJs

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The shop contains the resume template with cover letter and the NEW LinkedIn optimization course. It's time to land that job.


Your time is valuable, and I am not about to waste it. Get your immediate questions answered and skip the BS

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Remote Nursing Guide

Helping you make the transition into remote nursing is literally what I do here at Nurse Fern. That’s why I built this free remote nursing guide to help you on your journey to find freedom. 

You Can

Break Free From Bedside

Let's get a few things straight

  • Your happiness matters
  • You will not be wasting your skills if you choose remote work
  • Your identity is not being a nurse
  • You can find balance and freedom 
  • You can give each patient the care they deserve 

Now that we have that cleared up, let's get you connected with the right recourses, our community, and job opportunities.

Hi! I'm Emma, AKA


There is a moment I vividly remember while working in the ER. I was standing at an ice machine and looked to my left knowing the ambulance bay doors were in that direction. There was a brief moment where I wondered if anyone would miss me if I simply walked out and didn’t come back.

I thought I was the only one who had those thoughts, but I know better now.

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